My art reflects my experiences of living in many different places, exploring, and observing people in various cultures. Having lived in seven countries in three continents for extensive periods of time, has formed my spirituality, philosophy and taste. For the most part of my life I was in Latin America–in Mexico–where my love affair with color started. Colorful abstracts, straight lines, and geometric forms fascinated me. Pure forms resonated with my spiritual beliefs and the harmony of my universe and vision of a simpler world where “good hearts rule and defeat bad” and what we do will eventually come back to us.

These obvious lines and curves with their pure forms tell the story of my philosophy with that hidden hint and mysterious message that we always search for.

Memories, sentiments, hopes, and nostalgia help me to create the collages, assemblages and mix medias which entices the inner scavenger in me. Living presently in the North Bay part of San Francisco, I feel lucky to inhale bliss and exhale gratitude.


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